BARBIE 1 (1)

MAV, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Deluxe Raise the Bar for Inclusion with ASL Production for the Barbie Movie.

MAV, an expert in accessible communication, joined forces with Deluxe to create a truly inclusive experience.

We produced the ASL with an incredible team that was determined to make it happen.
The attention given to the translation and interpretation of the film, validating the understanding with deaf talents and consultants, was crucial to the quality of the project. This alliance and partnership reflect the commitment of our collaborators and clients to elevating the standards for accessibility and representation in the film industry.

As we celebrate the success of this project, we reflect on the positive impact it will have on the deaf community and all individuals seeking authentic representation on screen. The ASL version of the Barbie movie is more than a cinematic production; it is a symbol of inclusion, an achievement reached through a powerful collaboration of people who are genuinely engaged with the cause. Together, we are building a future where accessibility is a priority, opening doors to diverse and authentic narratives within the seventh art.

American Sign Language Video Service by Deluxe
in partnership with MAV Communication without barriers
Translation & performance Leila Hanaumi @todayiawaken
On Set ASL interpreter Asheley Change
ASL Coach JAC Cook
Production Manager Rafael Parlatore
Director Renata Sauda @renata.sauda
Producer Chealsea Pancho
Assistant Director Anthony Bouzada
Director of Photography / Editor Giulio Meliani @giuliu_meliani
Photography Assistant José Roberto da Silva
Sr. Colorist Rolando Diaz
Marketing Kieran McGovem
Deluxe Accessibility Project Supervisors Anna Capezzera and Christina Stevens @deluxe1915

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